Equine Health Supplies

As horse owners ourselves, we understand how important it is to keep your beloved animals in good health. That's why, in addition to our wide range of hardware and fencing supplies, we also carry equine health supplies in Apple Creek, OH, ranging from minerals to grooming supplies. Additionally, our staff includes equine health experts who are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Health Items:

  • Fly Repellants

  • Insect Repellants

  • Vitamins, Minerals  & Supplements

  • Wound Dressing

  • Wormers

  • Elite Nutrition

Equine Foods:

  • Buckeye Nutrition Feed & Minerals

  • Mount Hope Elevator Feed

  • GSP High Fiber Pellets

  • Salt & Mineral Blocks

  • Five Star Mineral Tubs

Equine Maintenance:

  • Grooming Supplies

  • Round Pen Feed Buckets

  • Automatic Waterers

  • Stock Tanks

  • Hay & Grain Feeders

  • Animal Bedding

  • Stall Grids 

  • Shavings

Equine Health Supplies